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JTAG Debugger

A versatile and easy to use JTAG debugger

The HIE JTAG adapter is a FTDI® based USB JTAG debugger. It provides 3 JTAG connectors, the original 0,1" 20 pin connector, a 0,05" 20 pin connector and a 10 pin Molex Picoblade® connector compatible with Engicam® JTAG connector.


Host connection is a USB 2.0 Mini USB type B connector with ESD protection.

The HIE JTAG debugger has been tested with OpenOCD 0.9.0 on Linux and Windows. HIE JTAG debugger will support most CPUs like ARM®, MITPS®, X86® and many more, a JTAG debugging port is required.

We provide an OpenOCD configuration file and a Circuit diagram v1.4.

Download Product Presentation as PDF.


Picture HIE JTAG debugger v1.4 with 20/10 pin ribbon cable


Picture HIE JTAG debugger v1.4

Picture HIE JTAG debugger v1.4 connected to Engicam Evaluation Board

Counterfeit FTDI chips:
There are many counterfeit FTDI chips on the market, https://www.voltlog.com/identifying-replacing-a-fake-ftdi-ft232r-chip-voltlog-314/ there is also a German article: https://www.heise.de to protect our customers, we produce the HIE JTAG debugger in Austria and buy all components from official distributors.

Packing List:
1. one HIE JTAG debugger board, dimensions 55 * 36 mm
2. one ribbon cable, length 150mm, 3 connectors, 20/10 pin, 1.27mm 0.05"

The HIE JTAG debugger v1.3 is sold out, Version 1.4 is available. Version 1.4 contains an empty place for a 3 pin jumper to use VUSB as target VCC, this jumper is not populated.


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Manufacturer und world wide sales:
Hofstädtler I.E. GmbH
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A-2700 Wr. Neustadt
Tel.: 02622/21550-0



Description Quantity excl. VAT incl. 20% VAT
HIE JTAG Debugger 1-49 € 37,90 € 45,48
HIE JTAG Debugger 50-99 € 35,90 € 43,08
Spare Parts:
20/10 pin ribbon cable 150mm 1 € 5,90 € 7,08

Our prices are per piece and exclusive of any shipping costs.

This product is:
Designed and Made in Austria.


Installation on Linux:
On Linux install OpenOCD and GDB from your distribution repository.
Copy the configuration file into the board directory.

Connect the USB cable
You will see a new USB device "HIE JTAG Debugger".
Please note, the USB cable is not included.

Propperly connect a target
Power on the target The red Target PWR led should light up

Start OpenOCD
$ openocd -f board/openocd-hie.cfg -d2

With Telnet connect to localhost 4444
$ telnet localhost 4444

Activate -SRST
> jtag_reset 0 1
Now the red -SRST led should light up

Deactivate -SRST
> jtag_reset 0 0


Read the target(s)
> targets

You should see a similar list:

Congratulations you have set up the HIE JTAG Debugger
Now you should connect with GDC and debug your system.


V1.0 initial release
V1.1 layout corrections
v1.2 added -SRST push button
V1.3 minor layout corrections
V1.4 modified activity LED output

Feedback and help:
Feedback is highly appreciated.
For feedback and help please mail to: jtag@hofstaedtler.com

Based on an idea and work of www.opendous.org
We thank all programmers of OpenOCD 0.9.0 for their great work.

Copyright and Trademarks:
HIE JTAG is © 2014 - 2016 by Christian und Walter Hofstädtler.
All other registered trademarks or trademarks are property of their respective owners.