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In order to simplify the development of innovative and technologically advanced products Engicam merchandises several type of CPU modules based on the latest generation of Freescale processors. Engicam has a full range of system-on-module with all i.MX processors and Vybrid VF600. Engicam is providing their solutions for markets ranging from plc, train, electrical devices, vending machine, kiosk, point-of-interest.
Dedication, innovation and flexibility are some key strengths of Engicam which is also capable to provide full turnkey solution.

We offer full development from PCB Design and OS customization to software development for your ENGICAM project, as well as our professional support.

As an experienced long-term partner of Enigcam we are proud to present our Engicam range of products to you: 





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SOM (System on Module) Products



Open Frame Products




Carrier Board Products 


Our Engicam Projects:


High Speed Programmable Logic Controller by HIE GmbH

A versatile high speed Linux based PLC. Suitable for most control applications. Easy to program, full or custom Linux environment including networking and web server. Two LAN interfaces to isolate networks or implement routing and NAT.

Great development support.

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PLC Control Display with Firefox Browser and Java-Support

A Touch-Display with Engicam CPU Module and Board, which offers all features of a Firefox Browser with Java Plugin. Linux based and customizable for your needs.

Especially suited for PLC Control.

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Engicam powered HIE Mediaplayer  

A compact and robust mediaplayer, with aluminium casing and powerful CPU for lossless smooth Full-HD Video Playback, which can be configured via Management Software on any PC in the network, and connects to any HDMI capable Device.

The device has no fans and is suitable for nearly all environments for digital signage.

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Rahmen für 7 Zoll Displays

Front Panel for 7'' Engicam Displays

As of now we offer front panels for 7 inch ENGICAM Displays

These custom-made metal panels are the ideal addition for your Engicam Display Modules when mounting in switch cabinets or similar. Satin black varnished, other colors available on request.

For further information contact us via E-Mail at office@hofstaedtler.com or at our contact area.