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High Speed Programmable Logic Controller by HIE GmbH



We developed this very customizable and extensible PLC for a project in Power Management, it can be customized for multiple arrangements of digital and analog I/O, sequential relay control, motion control, process control, distributed control systems and networking with processing power and communication capabilities that will astonish you.

We offer full development from PCB Design to PLC programming and our professional support now and in the future for your projects!

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Custom Linux , YOCTO or Android based, various Engicam CPUs up to QuadCore available.

1 x SO-DIMM Socket for Engicam CPU Modules
2 x LAN 10/100 MBit RJ45, 1 * LAN 10/100 Header
4 x USB 2.0, 1 * USB OTG Header
2 x RS232, 1 * RS485
1 x MICRO SD Card
1 x i²c Header
1 x JTAG Header
1 x CAN Bus
16 x Analog Input, (12 x PT100/PT1000
4 x configurable U/I/PT1xx) RM 3.50 mm
1 x Gold Cap for RTC
1 x Reset button
2 x Boot Mode Jumper
9 x Status LED, 7 * Software control
3 x Power LED
1 x 24V DC Power Input, fused
1 x Isolated SPI to I/O PCB
1 x Hardware Version ID 


A versatile high speed Linux based PLC. Suitable for most control applications. Easy to program, full or custom Linux environment including networking and web server. Two LAN interfaces to isolate networks or implement routing and NAT. Great development support.



All IOs are pluggable
Custom configuration’s available on request
Acrylic cover available,
4 standoffs to fit cover on each board
Cap Rail mounting
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Input PCB

96 x Digital 24VDC Inputs RM 3.81
96 x Status LED
Cap Rail mounting





Output PCB

32 x Relays Outputs 250VAC 5A RM 5.00 mm
32 x Status LED
1 x Power LED
1 x Board present detection




Connected Boards and Dimensions




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